DIY Dovecote Plans free Dove Keeping Guide

Dovecote Plans free Dove Keeping guide

DIY Dovecote Plans Free Dove Keeping Information in PDF

If you are looking for DIY Dovecote plans or a DIY Dove building guide look no further!

A Dovecote can be a thing of beauty, but as they say 'Beauty comes at a price'.

A good Handmade dovecote can cost hundreds of pounds, and the more elaborate the design the more you are expected to pay.

Well there is an alternative, why not have a go at making your own?

At first look a Dovecote seem very complicated, but when broken down the design is rather straight forward.

With a little woodworking skill, time and effort you could make your own Dovecote. But be warned - when the neighbours see it they will want one to, and if you tell them that you made it!!!

Well you get the idea.

But on the other hand, why not make a few and sell them? You could easily make a good profit on each!

The DIY Dovecote Building and Dove Keeping includes fully explained step by step plans.

It has over 75 detailed construction photographs and diagram covering every single step of the build possible.

It covers a single 'decked' dovecote for up to 4 pairs of doves (as seen below buitl by Graham Cooper) and the more traditional double decked 'English Dovecote', capable of housing 8 pairs of doves, truly a thing of beauty that would enhance any garden.

But What use is a Dove House without doves?

Why don't doves just fly away?

Well truth be know, if you just put your new doves into the stunning new home you have just made them, they would!

That why this guide also includes detailed instructions on how to 'Home' you doves and help to guarantee that they will stay with you year after year.


So to get the best start to Building your own Dovecote and looking after you own Doves Get the

 Dovecote Building and Dove Keeping Guide

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 What our customers say;

On 24/03/2013 21:15, Graham Cooper wrote:

dovecote1dovecote2With reference to the  plans you sent to me recently. I thought that you might like to see the finished product (photos attached)

I enjoyed making it. Many thanks for the superb design. Now all we have to do is find some doves!


(* Dovecote shown with dove homing box attached)



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